Are you already doing Firefox OS builds? Chime in here

(Lissyx) #12

The we are producing should be able to be sideloaded. Though this is only tested with the recovery partition produced out of the build. Supporting other recovery system is out of the scope.

(Farmer) #13

Hello, I’m from Taiwan and doing Nexus6 porting. I’m the guy from Mozilla.

(Yousef Alam) #14

It seems like the Nexus 4 one isn’t able to be sideloaded, it has the built images and a flashing script. Would it hurt to have community contributed ones alongside the official ones?

(Rubén Martín) #15

Hello all,

As you might see, we have created a subcategory just for porting and move this topic there:

(Jeff Johnson) #16

Many thanks to dattaz for his wonderful FXOS builds for the ZTE Open C. ZTE dumped us at FXOS 1.3. With the instructions and builds from dattaz’s, I now am running FXOS 2.6, and it is a huge upgrade.

(Rubén Martín) #17

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(Pochy) #18

Somebody is doing build for the old device unagi? or knows a place to download the ROMs?

(Paul Sebastian Aguilar Enriquez) #19

@pochy You can bring us the System folder and we can try to compile, then we can send you the result images and you can flash it and test it, and I refer as “we” because here are many “cocineros” :stuck_out_tongue:

(FabianOvrWrt) #20

Can I give you my fx0’s system folder so you can try to compile something?
We are stuck at 2.1 here.

(Paul Sebastian Aguilar Enriquez) #21

@fabianovrwrt sure! But in this moment I’m out of my house, here my internet is very slow and I cant work in any port until February :frowning: But after I back to home we can work on them :smiley:

(Mauricio Navarro Miranda) #22

Do you guys have any progress on that Fx0 and unagi ROMs?
Did you already share your System folder, or may be do you need any help with that?

(Pochy) #23

Unfortunately, unagi maybe never see firefox os again because the base of android used is very weird and not supported for firefox os nevermore. I installed android in unagi for use other products like firefox for android and b2gdroid, if you need help? let me know, I would like to rollback to firefox os, I hope in the community we can support the system for smartphone.

For Fx0 maybe there are future yet, check this…

(Sangyong Gwak) #24

There is no new nightly build for Nexus 5 since 04/01/2016.
Is it because of b2g transition?


No, recents builds fails.
I tried some simples tricks but they did not fixed it and I don’t have much time to investigate more.
I will have more free time next month. :wink:

(Sangyong Gwak) #26 is down now. :wink:

(Thatoo) #27

not at all! The last build is even from today…

(Sangyong Gwak) #28

Does build for Nexus 5 fail recently?
I tried to build Firefox OS for Nexus 5, but it’s not easy. sigh

(Lissyx) #29

Yes, m-c is broken.

(Sangyong Gwak) #30

Thank you. What is m-c?

(Lissyx) #31