Are you already doing Firefox OS builds? Chime in here

(Paul Sebastian Aguilar Enriquez) #21

@fabianovrwrt sure! But in this moment I’m out of my house, here my internet is very slow and I cant work in any port until February :frowning: But after I back to home we can work on them :smiley:

(Mauricio Navarro Miranda) #22

Do you guys have any progress on that Fx0 and unagi ROMs?
Did you already share your System folder, or may be do you need any help with that?

(Pochy) #23

Unfortunately, unagi maybe never see firefox os again because the base of android used is very weird and not supported for firefox os nevermore. I installed android in unagi for use other products like firefox for android and b2gdroid, if you need help? let me know, I would like to rollback to firefox os, I hope in the community we can support the system for smartphone.

For Fx0 maybe there are future yet, check this…

(Sangyong Gwak) #24

There is no new nightly build for Nexus 5 since 04/01/2016.
Is it because of b2g transition?


No, recents builds fails.
I tried some simples tricks but they did not fixed it and I don’t have much time to investigate more.
I will have more free time next month. :wink:

(Sangyong Gwak) #26 is down now. :wink:

(Thatoo) #27

not at all! The last build is even from today…

(Sangyong Gwak) #28

Does build for Nexus 5 fail recently?
I tried to build Firefox OS for Nexus 5, but it’s not easy. sigh

(Lissyx) #29

Yes, m-c is broken.

(Sangyong Gwak) #30

Thank you. What is m-c?

(Lissyx) #31


(Sangyong Gwak) #32

What happened to your web site? @Vosky


It works with but return an error. :confused:
I am on it.
Thank you for letting me know.

EDIT : There is always as backup mirror. :wink: