[aries] stuck at booting logo after interrupted OTA update

(Peter Chen) #1

I was applying OTA update to my foxfooding z3c, it took about 30 minutes long without response so I forced reboot with power+vol up however it stuck while booting.

Later I tried flashing image from https://github.com/fxpdev/b2g-updates/releases/tag/nightly, flashing is successful but I still only got the boot-two-gecko boot logo…

My PC (Windows) could detect the phone as “Sony sa0111” but not in “adb devices” list, and I can still get into fastboot mode, is there any other foxfooding images so that I can flash it back?

(Rabimba) #2

So did you find any solution to this one?

(Peter Chen) #3

My issue is closed. Alexandre told on Telegram’s Foxfooding channel that image builds on fxp require a newer bootloader which is not in current Foxfood device, so it will cause boot loop.

If anyone met such update issue, please report to the person who gave you the device, and DO NOT flash any image until told so.