Arrows, circles, rectangles in screenshots

(Paul Thomas) #1

Would be great to have the ability to add arrows , circles and rectangles in screenshots to make it easy to highlight sections in screenshots.

(Clouserw) #2

We recently added Text and Undo/Redo. We’ll look into other markup options as well. You can see several suggestions at✓&q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+[annotations]+

(Paul Thomas) #3

Thanks. I used the text tool yesterday, was a great help. I have upvoted on the issues relating to shapes and arrows.


I agree. I miss arrows , when I want to point with an arrow to my client.

(Prasad Seth) #5

Right. That will be great :slight_smile:

(Artyom) #6

Also, it would be great is if the shapes will be available before Save/Download. For example, if I want to point something and download image without saving it.