Assessment for structuring a page of content

The above link is my index.html, how to make “welcome” to place on the top of the page

The above is the link for the mdn web page where the question/assessment is.

Hello @vaishnavi_A.N

could you share your code on or so it be easier for us to test it and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Hello @justsomeone,
This is the link in codepen, it is not loading the images, but in my browser it worked fine, Can u plz help me in placing the “welcome” below the nav bar and at the center.

Hello @vaishnavi_A.N

you doing great just a little notice

  1. the nav is part of the header so wrap the nav inside the header

  2. the first h2 and the first 2 p element should be wrapped by article not just wrap the p element with section

  3. this p that start with This fake website example is CC0 — is part of the footer

  4. why the image does not load cause it look for image files to be next to the html but that not the case in the codepen can help you as it allow you to upload the image to the server (my bad i forget to mention that) or
    you can upload the image to any site and use link to that image or
    you can use github but it will need you to learn how to use it

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Yeah, thank u very much @justsomeone, my website now looks much better and my only concern is “welcome”,it is not in the center.
I have placed it a new < header>.how to make this align to the center.
Thank u very much for your tips.
Have a great day.

you very welcome @vaishnavi_A.N

could you update your code in codepen so i can see it

and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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yeah @justsomeone,sorry for the delayed reply, i will share shortly.

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hi @vaishnavi_A.N

it’s ok do be sorry and take your time and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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I think you meant: “do not be sorry” :sweat_smile:

ops that right one typo and i be sooo rude

@vaishnavi_A.N i ment do not be sorry
so i am sorry for that typo

thanks @mikoMK boss

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hahaha @justsomeone :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: