Assessment needed for Marking up a letter

Hello. Can I get an assessment for my letter markup please? Thanks so much. Here is my Codepen Link

Hi @Adam_Radcliffe, thanks for sending your code in!

This is mostly looking pretty good, but I did have a couple of points to bring up.

  1. There are a number of places where you’ve used a double <br><br> to create a break in text, i.e. two paragraphs. It is not a good idea to do this, for a number of reasons, which become more apparent when you try to use CSS to style/position text. It is always better to use two separate <p> elements for two separate paragraphs, even if the text in each one is not really a paragraph strictly speaking in language terms.

  2. You need to use <sub>/<sup> elements to create subscript and superscript text where appropriate, for example in “H2O” and “3 × 104”.

Overall this is great work, well done!

@chrisdavidmills Thanks so much for the feedback! I appreciate it.