Assessment needed for Structuring planet data with tables

I’d like someone to help me with the table. I tried to expand the first (empty) header onto 2 columns, in order to put Jovian planets and Gas/Ice planets under one header, but it resulted into puting all planets (except Jovian ones) under this same header. Please, explain where I did a mistake

Sourse code:

Hi @Valdemarcheck and welcome to the community :wave:

It’s correct to expand the empty cell (which should be a <td> :wink:) to two columns. Now you also have to add colspan="2" to “Terrestrial planets” and “Dwarf planets*”.

I hope that brings you further in the exercise. Please tell me if you have more questions or you want me to assess your whole work. :slightly_smiling_face:

Have a nice day,

Thanks for your reply, everything is fixed now!

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Hi @Valdemarcheck

I’m glad it was helpful! If you have updated your JSFiddle and want me to have a final look, you need to post the new link. (On JSFiddle every time you save the URL changes)