Assessment wanted for Advanced HTML text 1 & 2 skill tests

Hi, I write to you for an assessment on my solutions to the following tests of the unit “Advanced Text Formatting”:

Test your skills 1

Test your skills 2


Hi there @manusalgueiro, and thanks for sending your code in!

So the first assessment is perfect - very well done on that.

The 2nd assessment is nearly there, but there are a few small things to fix:

  • Strictly speaking, you should wrap the <blockquote> element aound the <p> element, not the other way around. You are quoting the whole sentence, including its semantics/structure.
  • The first date should have a <sup> element wrapped around “th”.
  • The second date needs a <time> element.

Apart from that we’re looking good!

Thank you! Now I can see those mistakes. On the other hand, do you know why mozilla could flagged as spam this messages asking for assessments? What did I do wrong while posting my question. Again, thank you for reviewing my code.

@manusalgueiro do you mean your discourse posts asking for assessments are getting flagged as spam? Hrm, that is strange.

How many have you posted that have been flagged as spam?