Assessment wanted for Advanced HTML text 1 and 2 skill test

Hey kind person!

It’s urboiEno back at it again with another completed test and in need of an assessment! This time its about Advance HTML Text (here is a link to refresh your mind about the topic):

Once again, I have compiled a collection in my codepen to make your task a little easier.

And if the method above is a hassle, I got you! Below are the direct links to the tests.
Test 1:
Test 2:

Thank you in advance for putting the effort into helping a stranger like me!
I hope you have a lovely day.

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Hello @urboiEno

wow that awesome and very organized post and that perfect answer well done

just extra point which not part of the topic but could help later

for test 2 and at the end there word (Día de los Muertos) which is not an english word same as the page language so it would be better to wrap it with any suitable tag and if there no one you can wrap it with span or div tag and set the lang attribute to the language of that words which is Spanish
check this to learn more about the lang attribute

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Hello @justsomeone!

Thank you for the detailed assessment of my work.
It’s my first time hearing about language attribute, thanks for letting me know. Will definitely incorporate that in my projects when I get the chance.

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I hope you got yours! By the way, pineapple or no pineapple? Now that is the real question. (No pressure on replying, haha. Maybe you can answer when I post another test requiring assessment)

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