Assessment wanted for CSS First Steps: Using your new knowledge

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An assessment please :mortar_board:

Assessment: Using your new knowledge
Solution: Code

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you should remove the commented CSS, always remove unused commented CSS styles when you are done. comments are supposed to explain what certain styles are for in CSS. an h3 or h4 should be around the job-title class instead of the div. divs are for dividing the layout.

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I used comments to indicate which properties I added in the second part of the assignment. I didn’t do the html part it was a template.

Thanks for having a look at this task @Nebula :+1:

To add my two cents:
Nice use of the gradient @snush That looks cool! :slightly_smiling_face:

Regarding the “job-title” class (I know it is given as a template :grin:): I think using h3 or h4 wouldn’t be a good idea since headings should represent the main structure of a text and using a h3 between h1 and h2 messes with this structure.

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