Assessment wanted for: "Fundamental Layout Comprehension"

I want an assessment of the following

My codepen
My code

The Actual Task

Thank You

Hi @Mad2000,

Welcome to the MDN community. This looks perfect :muscle:t4::sunglasses:

  1. You have correctly used flexbox on the nav ul and then used justify content to have equal amounts of space in between then.
  2. Yo uhave used a position of sticky on the Nav sticks to the top of the screen and the user scrolls down.
  3. You have used the correct selectors to target the image on the main article and then used float to wrap around the text.
  4. You have used media queries to adjust the initial to a single column.
  5. The photos are two column grids as expected.

You have used both Grid and flexbox so you have clarity on the.

I realise that MDN have asked for the site to be developed in this way. It feels like this is not really mobile first due to MDN. Just so you are aware there is an interesting article by Kevin Powell on building a mobile first layout on FreecodeCamp " How to Take the Right Approach to Responsive Web Design"

Good luck with you further studies and keep visiting MDN to learn more about coding. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank You for the response Ran

Will check that article for sure.

Can you tell me how can i get projects based on html, css so i can get to know the current standards and the way things work.So that i can become expert in it.
I am going to start learning javascript.
It will be of great help.

Thank You

Hi @Mad2000,

I assume you want to be a developer of some sorts. I suggest you check out this road map first to figure out the path you need to follow. Also for self development start listening to a podcast of your choice. I recommend JS party.

I cant really say what are the best free sites. I tried Udacity and found it expensive. Now I am working through Scrimba. Like you I am a beginner. Just keep at it. The MDN learning front end is great btw. I did the HTML, CSS and Most of the JS. I am just working on Scrimba to pick up some further tips and will complete the MDN course after. My aim is really for my own work. I want to be able to create programmes that extract data from sites.

Hope this helps and keep up the studies but always figure out why you are doing it first.


If you’re looking for JavaScript info in general, freecodecamp, and eloquent javascript are all great resources and are all free.

If you’re looking for practice projects, and are some great websites! I’m currently working through the free HTML & CSS projects on their now. Once I complete MDN’s JavaScript tutorial, I’ll work on the HTML, CSS & JavaScript projects from Frontend Mentor as I work my way through Eloquent JavaScript.