Assessment wanted for funny-monke's Marking up a letter

Hi, I completed Marking up a letter, my code is here.
Here is the assessment description.
Thank you for your time !

100%, plus you passed the extra credit! 110%!

It looks like you checked off every single requirement on the assessment, aand W3C HTML Validator was happy with your mark up, too.

Extra bonus challenge-- With the phone number and email address, find out how to make those two items clickable links, so that when the telephone number is clicked, it prompts a phone call. When the email link is clicked, it will open the default email composer on your computer/phone. Hint: Uses the same type of markup as a URL (and don’t hesitate to google the solution - that’s a legitimate strategy).

Great job!!!

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I added the clickable links with mailto: and tel: URL.

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