Assessment wanted for Image gallery 20211125

Completed the JavaScript building blocks module and seeking confirmation that my solution (CodePen) for the Image Gallery assessment activity is “correct” .

Thank you for your time.

Hello @horusofoz
you doing great well done just a question in your toggleDarken function you has this

else {
    console.log('An error has occurred processing the toggleDarken function.');

i guess the only 2 option you offer is light and dark so why else ?

and have a nice day :slight_smile:


Good morning @justsomeone

I put in the else as a just in case measure. It won’t have any impact in this instance but I’m trying to form the habit of including error handling by default.

Thanks checking my work out :slight_smile:


good morning @horusofoz

nice well done you are right and that a good way for handle it :slight_smile: