Assessment wanted for marking up a letter please!

Hello! If you have any suggestions that would be greatly appreciated. Just starting out on my programming journey. Learning HTML fully, then CSS, then javascript. Once those are down I’m thinking Python and Solidity because the end goal is for me to use these skills within the crypto ecosystem :slight_smile:

Live site:
Marking up a letter


Hello @OneTap and welcome to the community :wave:

Congratulations on your first big exercise! You did a great job!

Here are some comments:

  • For the first address: You don’t need to nest <div>, <p> and <address>. You can simply use <address class="sender-column">. Same for the <time>: Just wrap it with <p class="sender-column"> without the <div>.
  • Bonus for funny link titles :grin:
  • The quote at the end of the letter should be wrapped with the "inline quotation element: <q>Be awesome to each other.</q>. The <cite> is correct.
  • General note: You should use indention in your code when nesting. It massively improves the readability. Especially when you have deeper nesting than in this exercise.

As you see these are only minor problems. Everything else is perfectly solved. Keep up the great work!

Have a nice day,


Thank you so much Michael!!

Working on those adjustments now and I will definitely take your note on nesting in upcoming assessments! Glad you liked the funny links LOL that sums up my humor.

Have a wonderful Wednesday as well!


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Updates have been made :slight_smile:

Live Site

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Great improvements and much higher readability.

Personally, I also like the “multi-attributes on multi-line” style. I do it a bit differently. For example:

  title="I hope you are ready for this"
  exotic dance research page

But this is probably more like a matter of taste. :man_shrugging:
What I would recommend is not breaking tags without attributes apart:

<!-- scary -->
  >The memoirs of Bill S Preston, <abbr title="Esquire">Esq</abbr></cite

<!-- exciting -->
  The memoirs of Bill S Preston, <abbr title="Esquire">Esq</abbr>

I hope that helps!

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Thank you for the feedback Michael!

I really appreciate your recommendations, especially breaking tags. I’ll make sure to not repeat that on upcoming assessments!


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