Assessment wanted for Marking up a letter2

I am learning web development using the Mozilla Developer Network. I just finished the task on the Marking up a letter section located at Marking up a letter

Marking up a letter

We all learn to write a letter sooner or later; it is also a useful example to test our text formatting skills. …

I would like someone to view my letter on Codepen and then respond to this email letting me know whether it is marked up correctly or what improvements I can make to it. My letter is located on codepen. The url is ZEbPYwx


It looks like you’ve missed the Description lists under the Exotic Dance Moves. Thanks,

Thanks for sending in your code @church_craig, and welcome to our community.

This is some really good work overall, so well done! There were a few bits you cold improve on, which are detailed below.

@m.dialogo already pointed out one issue — for the dance moves, you should be using description lists to mark up the dances and their descriptions.

Also, for the addresses, you don’t need to wrap them in both a <p> and an <address> element. Just an <address> element will be fine - it’s a perfect block level semantic container for the purpose.

But apart from that, this is looking pretty good.

Thanks. I will make the correction.

I’ve updated my bird watching website but something is wrong. I think that I’ve wrapped the “main” content correctly the way you suggested but I’m not sure. Also the “aside” content is not going to the right side. My website is at this url:

hello @church_craig

hope that everything going fine with you

put the aside element inside the main one and it will be fixed

by the way the image will not show up as codepen does not has access to your local files but if you want the image to show up then use another image from the internet and use it’s links or create project in the codepen (i think this late option only available to paid user ) or use github which is free but has learning curve but it’s not hard to learn

hope that help and have a nice day

i’ve been using neocities
would you say that github is a better site to use?

i did not used neocities before but i just check the website and i see it has good offer for 1gb free hosting

but there another beneifiet from github or any git service that it help you to team with many developer for the same project

for example you could build a website and you maybe resposible for the html and another person for css and even 2 person or more can edit the same file for example the same html

so you can say git service are more about coordinating the work between teams and github offer something called page with allow you to host your project there as you may notice from the lesson that many or the example hosted in github and also there alive version for that so you check the result of that code

so learning git service will be good for the long run

another question does neocities allow for hosting many website for the same account or only 1 per account

by the way i am a student same as you also so i am still in the learning process

hope that help and have a nice day

i’ll check it out

you welcome :slight_smile:

every time i try to create a new topic i get a message that reads “Requests to the server have been blocked by an extension.”

I’ll try to post it here.

I noticed that i over looked some skill tests that I need to have assessed. here are the urls:

hello @church_craig

i replayed to your other post hope it help
your other post

hope it help and have a nice day