Assessment wanted for structuring planet data 1

hi there,
I’m not exactly sure how to get the “gas giants” and “ice giants” category to be in the same area as the Jovian planets. if someone could inform me how to do this, that would be much appreciated. :slight_smile:

hello @Bennbennbenn,

before getting to your question, here are some points to correct/improve your code:

  1. the correct way to link to css code is link href='...' rel='stylesheet' ...
  2. the first column should occupy two columns
  3. the top-right cell should be td, not th
  4. “Name” column should be group of columns

now back to the question.
“Jovian Planets” row spans 4 rows, then it nests “Gas giants” row which spans 2 rows: “Jupiter” and “Saturn”, so you need to define this “tree” of elements (i have to admit it was obscure for me too at first).

so the “Jovian planets” row should look like this:

    <th rowspan="4" scope="rowgroup">Jovian planets</th>
    <th rowspan="2" scope="rowgroup">Gas giants</th>
    <th scope="row">Jupiter</th>
    <td>The largest planet</td>

this should give you the idea. get back if you still any questions.