Assessment wanted for Structuring planet data please!

Thank you in advance! Only area I was a bit iffy on was the “Add attributes to make the row and column headers unambiguously associated with the rows, columns, or rowgroups that they act as headings for.”

I decided to go with the scope attribute. It definitely was quicker but I was unsure if I should have differentiated each rowgroup for the Jovian row since there are two sub-rows (gas + ice giants).

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Hi @OneTap

Congratulations! Great job on this task. Your scope and *span attributes are mostly correct.

Here are some minor correction:

  • When using the <colgroup> element we need to make sure to cover all the columns. In your code this means to add a third <col> with an appropriate span value.
  • The first <tr> needs to be wrapped with <thead>
  • colspan="1" is the same as writing nothing. This can be removed.
  • “Gas giants” and “Ice giants” should have scope="rowgroup" since they span two rows
  • Jupiter needs scope="row"
  • You are missing the <tr> elements around the Saturn and Neptune rows

On a side note: You can use the W3C HTML validator to check if your code is valid.

I hope that helps!

Happy weekend, :smiley: