Assessment Wanted for “The Cascade: Task 2”

Hello, all.

I’m looking for an assessment to the CSS Building Blocks module called, “The Cascade: Task 2”.

Here is the assessment page.

Here is my source code.

There seems to be something wrong with the code, unfortunately. When I input the code, directly, into the HTML validator, I see four errors, each saying, “CSS: Unrecognized at-rule @layer”.

I’m thinking this means @layer no longer exists as an at-rule? Tell me how I can fix this.

Thanks for your help.

Thanks to MDN for making all this educational content free!

Hi again

This solution is also correct.

There’s nothing wrong with your code. The problem is that the validator doesn’t know about the @layer rule, yet. This at-rule just landed in browsers a few month ago.


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I see. I’m glad I wasn’t doing something wrong!

Thanks, again, for the help!

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