Assessment wanted for: Typesetting a homepage

Hi, I would like assessment for this assignment:

Here is my project files:

and here is the live page:

I tried to explain what I did in style.css comments but here are some thoughts.

I used html font-size: 62.5% to allow user font-size preferences. (instead of 10px as suggested in assignment)

I provided italic font with font-style: italic but its actually not used. Just wanted to see if I did it right.

I tried to use block-start instead of top, etc, like was taught before in this course to allow different type of writing direction. I don’t know if I did it right, propably I shouldn’t bother. Also I provided fallback for Internet Explorer.

Hello @Dot_Dot

you doing great

for the italic part use this line font-style: italic; in the html selector
it will make everything italic if that what you want

it good to use block-start but when you use it then do not set top so either use one of them as what come later in code will override the previous one

i see you doing a great job well done and have a nice day