Assmt plz: HTML Adv Text 1 & 1

hello Good Moz Folks <3,


i’d appreciate an assessment for the above-mentioned skill tests at the following links:


i’m getting error that i can’t post to this host so i’m going to write out the url to the pages of code.

am i doing something wrong that it won’t let me post my pages? please LMK

HTML Adv Text 1
HTML Adv Text 2

thank you kindly, L

updated link to assessment page 1:

Hi @LesterLG :wave:

Regarding the links you couldn’t post: I’m just guessing, but maybe it is some kind of spam protection for new users on this forum. So you can only post a certain amount of links to a unknown domain.

  • Advanced HTML text 1: Correct!
    You used three <dd></dd> inside, which is perfectly fine according to the specification (I had to look it up :smile:). Normally you would use just one <dd></dd> around all three sentences to get a continuous text.
  • Advanced HTML text 2: Correct!
    Tiny remark: You should always use two digits for months and days in (machine-readable) dates. (datetime="2019-11-02" instead of datetime="2019-11-2")

Keep up the good work and have a nice day!


hi @mikoMK :wave:
i’ve made notes concerning your feedback and thank you kindly for your time and expertise :white_check_mark:
have a lovely weekend :partying_face:

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