Auto Login via Notification Emails

(Michael) #1

I have finally been able to document with screen grabs that the support forum programming has a system whereby I can click on the “This doesn’t solve my problem” link in a notification email message and when I get to the support forum I am already logged into my support forum account.

And that is after I was absolutely sure I had logged out of that support forum account at the end of the previous session.

I checked settings and could not see any setting that allows me to control that.

Am I missing something?

You know, old eyes and/or an old brain can miss the obvious, sometimes.

Thank you for helping me here.

Oh yes, stupid me. I am using Mr. Page’s email service. You know that one from the company name they misspelled at the university. Then in 2004 they just added the ‘G’ to mail and …

Meaning I am not accessing the support forum using an LDAP account.

(Rmcguigan) #2

It sounds like this feature in the forum where you can manage your watchlist from your profile.

However, if you go to the link of the question, on the right hand side of the page there is a feature called “Question Tools”.
From there click on “Stop Email Updates”.

Let me know if that helps.

(Michael) #3

Thank you for your thinking here, on this subject, rmcguigan.

The ‘watchlist’ idea, though, seems to be inconvenient, as would stopping email updates.

In addition, I just noticed there doesn’t seem to be a pattern to this code. I’ve been gone for a bit and the first time I just responded to a post in the open forum I was not auto’d anything ― I had to sign in.

Then I signed out and somebody answered me quite quickly and I returned and I was auto signed in. Now, I reckon the cookies did that. Still if I was gone for a bit and the server forgot all about me, it seems I should be able to figure out how to make the server forget me all the time.

But, more importantly, it seems a kind of proper thing for us to be able to control that. I know this seems trivial and all, but isn’t this something like a kind of right we should have? A basic kind of thing?

I don’t know, I get carried away, I suppose. But it just seems there should be a kind of standard at a Net Entity such as Mozilla that is better than at a Net Entity such as Google, where they step all over the customers all the time. Well, not all the time. But too much.

See what I mean? I get carried away.

Anyway, any further thoughts anyone might have would be welcomed by this old man and his aging thoughts about protecting our rights in this new place ― this Net World. It is a new region of Earth, you know?

(Rmcguigan) #4

Yes those are cookies. I am sure there are enough cookies in the jar to last about 30 days, unless you throw them out with the cache.

I agree on the Internet being another resource <3