Automatic server-side storage of screenshots !?

(swiuhiowufwh) #1

i think you should make it more clear that ‘save’ actually means ‘upload to internet’ !

and the UI suggests you should be clicking save, as oppose to download !!

i think you could be creating a honeypot, for hackers/government whatever. bad idea - you never know what naive users will unintentionally upload !

i understand the attempt to negate this with the 14-day deletion, but what if you are unaware of a malicious group gaining unauthorized access to that server for much longer than 14 daysthis has already happened to various companies many times.

as a privacy based company, i think this implementation of the screenshot idea was a mistake

(Kelly) #2

This was also a surprise to me. I expected to be prompted to save my screenshot to disk, not automatically upload it to the public internet.