Automation StyleGuide

(Manel) #1

We (Firefox OS QA Team) are building a style guide for Automation test:

we need to improve more our rules and your comments are welcome :smile:

(Mwargers) #2

I don’t understand the example under this text:
Where not possible, the first line should be a summary.

What does that example try to say and shouldn’t that text actually say:
Where possible, the first line should be a summary.


(Mwargers) #3

"There should be no whitespace at the end of the file (as per PEP8). "

All our files and with a newline, so that is certainly not true.

(Mwargers) #4

I see various mentions of Selenium in this document.
I think the purpose of this doc is to be centered around Gaia UI testing, right?

(Manel) #5

Yes, me too I remarked the same thing when I read the document
it’s around Gaia UI testing not general test am I right ?

(Npark) #6

Yes, the initial fork is from webqa, so it’ll have selenium references that we need to get rid of. Also, when they mention whitespace, I think they are excluding newline. (technically newline char is a hidden char, and not a whitespace)

(Mwargers) #7

There was a post in gaia-ui-automation from Dave Hunt about how to do waits, I copied it over to here:

(Npark) #8

The forked location is here: