Autosaving is not present

Hey there. I am writing this to warn you which the autosave feature is missing.
Yesterday I translated an entire MDN webpage, I clicked by mistake on a tag, I’ve clicked “back” button in my browser and all of my content was gone, like I never worked on it before.

First of all I would add a confirmation dialog box (something like “are you sure that you want to leave this page? All unsaved changes won’t be saved”), then, most importantly, I would add a feature who allows you to save periodically your translation (for example, every 10 seconds from the last word one person typed on the keyboard).

This would be a good improvement and I am sure it will help us to make the localization easier and more comfortable.


Hi @dag, thanks for contributing to MDN, and giving your feedback. I’m sorry you ran into that problem. I know that losing work like that is very frustrating.

While we don’t have a feature to automatically save your work, the Ctrl/Cmd-S shortcut key is equivalent to clicking the “Publish and keep editing” button. So, that is a way to make sure any accidents don’t lose too much work.

Thank you.

Autosave feature is present anyway but unfortunately is not “notified” anywhere.