"Awaiting review...."

We’ve been submitting our add-on for some time now - and we’ve noticed that we need to get into a queue for review.
We’ve had some mis-communication with our reviewer who rejected our add-on, and asked us to resubmit with source etc etc.

Trouble is, rather than reverting the previously approved version - we have been removed until the new version is reviewed - so we have no add-on for our customers!!

Since we went through a review previously (took 12 days) - can we please have a re-review due to a requested change?

Or can the add-on be live on the store until it is reviewed like previously?

UUID: 426d0505-eb5b-4adf-8755-60e19167c606
URL: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/pageproof-online-review/

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Thanks for reaching out, @mrad01. We’ve escalated this and you should hear back from the review team in the next day or so.

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Much appreciated! Good timing, our CEO asked for an update in my report for tomorrow.


One issue we’ve experienced is the ability to revert to a previously approved version if there is an issue with the new version under review.
I just had a reviewer compile the wrong source and reject our add-on, so now we need to start again.
Can we choose a previously approved version to keep our users happy while we get the new version through?

Users should still be able to install and use the last version of the extension that was approved.

This article may be helpful: https://extensionworkshop.com/documentation/publish/what-does-review-rejection-mean-to-users/