B2G for Digital Signage

Hi everyone.

Yesterday I announced my new tech startup, Krellian. “Interactive digital signage, built on web standards.” You can read more in my blog post and feel free to retweet!

As part of this work I am building a web-based operating system for interactive kiosks and digital signage. My initial prototype is based on Ubuntu Core and Electron, but I am interested in building on B2G in the longer term.

The initial hardware I am targeting is the Raspberry Pi, and then possibly the Intel NUC. One approach might be to use something like B2G Desktop with GTK + Wayland, rather than the Gonk port used on Android-style hardware.

Ubuntu Core makes an interesting base OS because it’s very lightweight, containerised for security, receives automatic updates, is designed specifically for IoT applications and ships with Wayland by default. With Electron I need to use XWayland to bridge the gap, but Gecko has pretty good Wayland support these days so could use Wayland directly. I am also considering other options for a base operating system, including Balena OS or even vanilla Linux.

If anyone is interested in getting a new B2G Desktop build (from the upcoming new B2G branch) running on Raspberry Pi (which could have many potential applications!) then let me know as I don’t think I can do that on my own.


Hey, I read the article about it yesterday. Congrats and good luck with that project.

I would be interested in joining if a B2G Desktop project is appearing. But I don’t have the necessary skills right now, so I will probably have to learn a lot.