B2G Installer Add-on for Firefox


I saw this on the dev-fxos mailing list, I’m pretty sure it would be of interest for some people here.


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I moved this topic in the B2G OS Transition sub-category as I think it can be of interest here.

Anybody has some feedback to share?

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I used it yesterday on my flame but I was thinking that it was stuck at the downloading blobs step.
I’ve stopped it the first time but i’ve tried again and it has completed after a long time. Maybe you should write something for the “Downloading blobs from device” step which is pretty slow.

I have selected the Flame nightly eng image but after having finished flashing, the phone was stuck at the Tundersoft screen but I had the success popin.
After that, I refreshed the addon screen and I had this error message:

- exec '/system/bin/sh' failed: No such file or directory (2) -
No build is available for this device, but you can use a local blobfree distribution if that is available.

I’ve finally used the image from this post Building B2G OS for Flame to flash it and it works fine now.

The name of the image is nighly so it’s maybe normal that it’s not working anymore because master is not stable these times. Otherwise, the addon is really easy to use and really cool! Maybe you can add an image of the transition branch for flame that works fine?

Thanks for the feedback. Sadly, you need to give us more informations on the precise failure you experienced. We have documented this on the MDN page of the addon. That being said, please note we already have a progressbar to track the progress of the “downloading blobs” steps. You should check in the web console for logs to see what failed and why.

I cannot speak for the status of flame nightly eng images. It is likely those are broken out of TaskCluster :/. Please note I got several reports of successfull flashing last week of B2GOS blobfree image on Z3c device.

FYI I’ve built the current nightly yesterday, shallow-flashed it on my Flame and it works fine. I’m not sure about the situation with our nightly builds though; I think we stopped making them some time ago.

i’m doing it with my firefox os Z3C. i’m at the flashing build step and i guess i’m stuck during the “enumerating fastboot devices”. i looked at the code and i don’t understand what it’s suppose to do at this state.

I need the content of the web console, not the code. Is your device fastboot unlocked? Can you make sure there is no fastboot process stuck? Which system are you using?

Also, remember the USB IDs for Fastboot mode are not the same as for ADB mode. You need to make sure those are properly configured.

If your device is in fastboot mode, the LED should be blue (and screen black).

the led is blue, the screen is black, what system are you talking about ? my linux system ? where can i see if i have fastboot process stuck ? you want me to copy all the web console into a txt file upload it here ?

i’m on Opensuse 42.1

Yes, all of the webconsole content. For better debugging you might want to enable the addon debug by adding a new boolean preference (in about:config) named extensions.b2g-installer@mozilla.org.debug and with a value of true.

And I was referring to your operating system. To check for any fastboot process stuck, just issue this in your shell:
ps aux | grep fastboot

Also make sure you can detect your device in fastboot mode using the built-in binary:
<path/to/firefox/profile>/extensions/adbhelper@mozilla.org/linux64/fastboot devices

For example, on my system it is:
$HOME/.mozilla/firefox/mbl1pn6f.browser-b2ginstaller/extensions/adbhelper@mozilla.org/linux64/fastboot devices

You should see your device serial number followed by the “fastboot” string.

So, after some private message exchanges, it turns out that @dionysos01 issue is permission issue with fastboot mode. I guess fixing udev rules would be enough, but we should have a better error handling in this case within the addon.

it’s me again. it WORKS ! to resolve my problem, to not receive no permission fastboot, i had to modify my 51-android.rules and change de mode into 0666 under Sony Ericsson for my Z3C then I did a udevadm control --reload-rules, i don’t know if it was necessary to do that command.

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Perfect! Could you file a bug on Bugzilla following the instructions that are on MDN ? And do not forget to flag needinfo against :gerard-majax :slight_smile:

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Hey folks!

As @benfrancis pointed out, it would be great if we could get the B2G Installer addon signed and added to addons.mozilla.org, so it’s easier for anybody to install.It’s the bug 1265385 on bugzilla.
One of us would have time to take care of this?

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Is the addon being used for the transition branch? In that case, are builds for the various devices needed? I hope I’ll have Xperia E3 (flamingo) soon…

A quick message to confirm what you say @enrico_ghiorzi, and to remind everyone interested about porting to help integrating their builds into B2G Installer - with a blob-free version, for legal issues. Check this subject too.

That will help a lot users to install a build, help to have everything in the same (coherent) place, to update builds, etc. It can save a lot of time, and be really handy for contributors, testers, and final users.
So please when people ask you about where to find a build, give them a link to the add-on (for instance to the documentation page) :slightly_smiling:
And if you wanna try on a device without having to build, use B2G Installer ! :wink:

As said on the other topic, people are welcome to help developing this add-on, check the TODO list on the doc.

Big +1 here ! :slightly_smiling:
It’s an important task to help users using / testing B2G and sending feedback.

If someone want to help tackling this task, go ahead !

B2G installer is signed !! :slight_smile:

TODO: let’s update the doc, the installation process is much easier now :slight_smile:

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done! MDN instructions are up to date


\o/ thanks guys :slight_smile:

Thanks to @TitanNano, we now have B2G OS’ header and logo!