B2G OS Announcements on Tuesday

Dear B2G OS community,

Our weekly meeting on Tuesday 27th September will be attended by some senior members of staff from Mozilla who would like to make some announcements to the community about the future of the B2G project and Mozilla’s involvement.

I would strongly recommend that you attend if you can as this will be your opportunity to hear those announcements first hand and to ask any questions you may have.

You can join the meeting by using the usual guest link which requires Vidyo to join the B2G Vidyo room. The meeting is at 9am PT (Pacific Time) on Tuesday 27th September, full details are on the wiki.

Meeting notes will be kept on the Etherpad as usual. Back channel chat is on the #b2g IRC channel (which is mirrored to Telegram). This week the meeting will also be streamed on Air Mozilla and you can submit questions via IRC if you prefer.




I’ll manage to be there :slight_smile: (sounds like a very important meeting ;))
(At least on IRC, not sure my connection will support video chat :/)

Any teaser about the topics broached ?


Cool! Any preview of meeting topic?

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… yes, I don’t think we can live so long without any preview … ! :cry:

We are too curious :smile:

I have added the information to the meeting pad, and linked it here too: https://discourse.mozilla-community.org/t/weekly-meeting-tuesday-september-27th-2016/10972