B2G OS Architecture page

This issue was raised on our github issues tracker. The old architecture page was deprecated but we can reuse most of the content from it.

Although i created a page for new architecture, The old page has more detailed info. My suggestion is to bring that page back & trim some content according to the new architecture.

I filed a bug regarding :slight_smile: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1301928

After this process completes. We need technical review for it.

Nice, I think you should add a component for out-of-Gecko services that we want to tackle :slight_smile:

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Is it in proposal stage? I couldn’t see it in action

I see that you’ve used the diagram I created for Project Tablet here. Unfortunately you’ve used the part which describes the old Firefox OS architecture, not the new architecture. There is no longer an app runtime, the system UI is chrome and everything else is standard web content.

If you’re going to use this diagram you should probably use the right half of it which describes the new architecture, including the system services which Alex is talking about which so far are only built in project-tablet builds (the proof of concept WiFi daemon).


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Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile: I will do it

the page is back :slight_smile: