B2G OS Calendar


Since we have 5 meetings planned next week, I though it would be good to share this calendar, pay attention to the timezone, I’m not sure how it’s selected and displayed:

The ICS for you calendar client:


Talk to you soon


I think that on Monday it’s not a “busy” meeting but the “B2G OS Transition Monthly Meeting” ?

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Thanks for spotting this. It’s fixed. :slight_smile:

Guys, some more meeting are planned next weeks.
They are short (~30 min) meetings in order to see what’s news in each working group.
Of course everyone can attend to the meetings :slightly_smiling: , and I invite you to do it on your topic of interest and to read the notes if you can’t - to have an overall view of what’s new.

I was in London this week, and unfortunately, I missed the meetings. I read the recap of the 2016-04-26 one, but are there recaps from the other meetings?

I saw that there is this line in the recap:

  • Now working to get homescreen using new places database and get dialer working

Do you know if there is a documentation concerning this database which replace the Datastore ? I’m interesting to see how we use it.

Moreover, I can’t attend to the little meetings due to my job. I have this list for the recaps: https://wiki.mozilla.org/B2G/Meeting Is it the most uptodate list that we have?

All the meeting have notes (see the dedicated topic for each ones).

For the weeklies, yes. The transition meetings and the different group meetings are not listed here. But you have a special topic for each ones, and link to notes (+ video for the transition meeting)

That’s a sad news :frowning:
But you can still add questions before the meeting on the notes, we will make sure to answer them :wink:

How can i select the time zone?