B2G OS Transition volunteer contribution status - week 19


Please not that the next B2G OS Transition (monthly) meeting will take place next week, on Thursday the 19th. Please join us at 19:30 CEST/17:30 UTC/10:30am PDT/23:00 IST in the B2G Vidyo room: http://j.mp/K03h7e , on the B2G OS telegram group: https://telegram.me/B2GOS or #fxos IRC channel on irc.mozilla.org.

Global Overview:
We still need more contribution on technical areas, but the volunteers activity and technical skills are globally increasing. We need to get more people trained as the Mozilla staff will be available to help until the end of the transition period (and way less after) that is planned for May 31st.

Code (1 active volunteer, plus 10 candidates for mentoring):

  • first code contribution by the end of last week
  • now 11 volunteers are ready to take mentoring session(s)
  • side note: merging back to master takes longer than expected

Building and Porting (~15 volunteers)

  • Volunteer transition branch build for Open C Fr and Flame (blobfree)
  • Flame blobfree builds submitted to B2G installer addon

Infra (2 volunteers)

  • people with skills on infra maintenance are needed
  • Mozilla Corporation to provide Taskcluster access, we need to get volunteers trained on how to use it, as staff won’t be available to take care of it after the transition period

Governance (8 volunteers)

  • reflection and discussion on decision making process and governance system is going on on Discourse
  • researches for tools making an online democratic process easier are on going

Documentation (3 volunteers)

  • MDN transition completed
  • new supported devices page added
  • translation starting

Communication (5 volunteers)

  • Call for participation finished and diffusion undergoing
  • Some tests for new internal communication tools on going

For more information please check the public dashboard>

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We’ve also shut down much of the l10n work, and that’d need a volunteer team to pick up again.

To begin with this is process and infrastructure work.

Shutdown within Mozilla… at the same time, contributors can take the work
up right? Shall we call it transition instead? Shutdown has such a harsh
connotation and might confuse people to thinking it is completely
terminated. :wink:

I’m saying “shutdown” cause the machines that used to run cronjobs are shut down, and it’s unclear to me if someone without access to the data on those machines had a chance to set them up again.

Isn’t the code and data in repositories? Wouldn’t we be able to replicate it?
I think this might be something we need to add as a transition phase…

That’s the point, the data might be gone, at least partially. Details on where that data flows are on https://blog.mozilla.org/axel/2013/09/19/a-tale-of-convert-and-convert/.

But it’s probably best to invest in explaining this if we find a volunteer that wants to take on the l10n infrastructure for b2g os.

I think this point should be discussed in the B2G meeting… I’ll try to
bring it up.

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