B2GOS & Chirimen Collaboration

(Alastair Pharo) #21


I have an idea to expose device hardware and services via d-bus and then allow browser access to them by making a websocket <---> d-bus bridge. I have a basic proof of concept here. This is motivated by the desire to be able to control device services on the phone from ordinary webviews, without havving to use browser chrome for everything.

For B2G purposes, I envisage this websocket being open to localhost only, so that only the device’s web browser can connect to it, but perhaps there would be scope here for collaboration? This same service could potentially run on a chirimen board, listening externally, and thereby be used from external web browsers to control the device.

(Dwika Sudrajat) #22

I am Dwika, Mizilians from Indonesia.
We are doing research of Chirimen boards.
Thanks a lot for your attention.
Dwika Sudrajat