Backing up Flame and Z3C

I need to back up my Flame and my Z3C and ideally move the data from the Z3C to the Flame. I need an Android phone for work, but I don’t want to lose -Firefox- B2G OS.

When I try to use the Flash backup tool with the Flame, it seems to only grab the data off the SD card. With the Z3C I can’t get adb to see the device.

I’m having such a hard time trying to find help on MDN, what with some of the docs being in the archive, some pointing to other sites, for the Flame I unearthed the getting started page, and found the page the backing up instructions were on, but I can’t find the same for the Z3C.

Flame is on:
Build #: eng.naoki.20151216.1051618
Build ID: 20160212114105

Z3C is on:
Build #: eng.worker.20151130.124658
Build ID: 20160212150237

I don’t think we have a tool/knowledge base that does what you’re asking.
Askeing, you have the most experience in this realm, is there a tool?

Which part doesn’t exist? I’ve used the B2G Flash tool to back up the flame before. Though I would not be shocked to hear it no longer works.

To pull from databases from one phone to push to another phone on a
different profile.
SD card backup is easy, profile backup is easy. pushing the profile on a
different profile is a different story.

The Flame backup information is here:

We never wrote a similar guide for the Z3C; things were so chaotic around the time FxOS got shelved.

The other page that might help you is here: — there are a number of Backup/restore tools listed, although I can’t vouch for any of them still working. I don’t know if anyone else wants to chime in and comment.

I did this several times (moving from a Nexus S to a Z3c, moving from a Flame to a Z3c, moving between Z3c because of RMAs). Always 100% success with just:

adb pull /data/b2g data_b2g && adb pull /data/local data_local

And then to restore:

adb shell rm -r /data/b2g/* /data/local/* && adb push data_local /data/local && adb push data_b2g /data/b2g

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I noticed lately, that before being able to backup anything (or access data on the phone through adb), you need root access. Simply type ‘adb root’ in terminal before launching the script (no password or anything required).
Same thing on the flame.
By the way I never managed to restore my profile from my flame to the Z3C in november. I managed to get my SMS restored however.

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As far as I know, there is no tool for merging two B2G’s profiles.
If you only want to backup the data on Z3C, and restore it to the Flame, you can try this workaround tool,, which replaces the out-of-date B2G-flash-tool.
If the tool still works fine, the original data on the Flame will be replaced by Z3C’s data.

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What does this b2g_util tool does more than just adb pull/adb push?