Beaglebone Port

(Peter-Mobilestack) #1


Is Mozilla-IoT supported for Beaglebone Black Wireless?

If not supported then I would like to try and port. Given that documentation is not enough for this effort, I will need some help whenever I am stuck. Is it OK for community to support such an effort?

A contact of expert technical person is desirable who has good understanding of Mozilla-IoT code.

Let me know,


(Dave Hylands) #2

I’m not aware of any ports to the BeagleBone.

First, you’ll need node.js We use version 8.

Being able to run node.js and then run the gateway will be a very good first start. Some of the adapters are pure node.js and these should just work once you’ve got the gateway running. However, many of the adapters also require native code.

There are 2 ways to get the addons that require native stuff built:
1 - If you can run the toolchain locally on the BBB then its possible to build those parts using npm install
2 - Otherwise you’ll need to cross compile them. We use travis to build them using this repository: In order to extend this to support the BBB we need to figure out how to get the BBB toolchain onto travis. In particular, we have a docker image that cross compiles for the raspberry pi.

You could also use the addon builder locally and just cross-compile on your host computer. This is probably a reasonable first step.

I should have a BBB somewhere (just need to find it), so I can probably help out when you run into troubles.

This docker container looks like it might work for cross compiling with the BBB: