[Blog post] Improvements to Statistics Processing on AMO

We’re in the process of re-vamping the statistics we make available for add-on developers on addons.mozilla.org.

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It won’t be possible to make your statistics dashboard publicly available anymore.

Wait, why?

How is this related to the switch to telemetry-based stats collection?

The intend of this feature was IMHO not to let coworkers/“members of a team” to see the stats, but anyone. Why should I hide such useful statistics if I can just expose them to the public in a transparent way? Don’t get this…


a per-profile ID.

Does that mean users that sync their extensions will potentially show up multiple times, especially if they previously had the computers that synced their profile mostly on the same network (and thus the same public IPv4). Or is the telemetry profile ID unified by sync account?

I think every synced client would have a different telemetry ID. Otherwise it would get into user tracking territory.