Bluetooth SIG RESTful specs might be interesting to implement

(Andre Alves Garzia) #1

Hey Friends,

I’ve asked @yoric on another thread about some specs I’ve seen which I think look great and he asked me to post it here.

The Bluetooth SIG has two specs on RESTful services and approaches that tie really well with project link. Basically they define a service that will do discovery and control of bluetooth devices by being the middleware between them and clients using HTTP requests.

There are two specs available GAP and GATT and they appear easy to implement. I was looking into them from a nodejs perspective but changing it to rust would be awesome.

Blog post about GAP, GATT and controlling bluetooth devices in the age of the web of things:

Specs for GAP:

Specs for GATT:

Would love to sprout a discussion around this! :hamster:

(David Teller) #2

I looked a bit at GATT. At a glance, it seems to operate at a lower level from us. I haven’t checked in details, but I have the impression that it shouldn’t be too hard to write an Adapter for GATT, to let the Foxbox place send/fetch/watch Bluetooth devices.

If I understand correctly, GATT is expected to be implemented by a Gateway. I don’t think that we would want to implement the full GATT on the Foxbox because, well, we already have another API that’s designed to sit on top of several protocols. @agarzia, do you know if somebody has already implemented standard Gateways on Unix and that we could possibly ship with the Foxbox and access through an Adapter?