Booth at SITCON 2016 and new Fx Android/iOS posters

(Irvin Chen) #1

Hi all,

I’d like to share some photos from our last event, booth at SITCON 2016 (Student Information Conference) and the poster we made for it.

This is our booth at SITCON, we had several community member help prepare, set up the booth and introduction.
(packaging on previous night)

Because this is conference target for students, so we focus on recruit students to join our “Service-learning project”.

We had also made cards to promote our Telegram group and Code Rush.

Someone is yeahing while a couple students visiting our booth.

And we made new posters for Firefox! (We stolen the design and contents from Android and iOS website :stuck_out_tongue:)

Here is the english version GIMP file for the posters, welcome to share!
And Chinese version, if you would like to use as well :wink:

There are more then 200 students visit the booth, We had sent out 160 flyers, 190 telegram cards, and recruit more then 30 people join our Telegram group or filled the contributing contact forms. And the total expense is around 30 USD paid by our local community fund.

Here are all of the other gorgeous photos you wouldn’t want to miss, check it out!

Thanks and happy recruiting!

(Mijanur Rahman) #2

Very cool! Awesome kiosk (y)