Brand name proposal as a window for B2G community


It’s been a while since I’m looking for a name that could be used as a window for the work done by the B2G-OS community.
Some people say it is not a priority, others find that B2G OS is sufficient, but I think it does not hurt to make proposals and maybe it will emerge something really interesting.

So, I propose to start on a completely blank board, it’s certainly important to not be quickly locked in a loop.

Are there rules to follow and what you need to know. No special rules but in my opinion, it’s a plus to consider and understand how companies have succeeded with their brand name and create an impact in the people mind.

Each proposal will be subject to objective criticism to not reproduce the same mistakes and help us move forward.

Voilà, let the fantasy begin.

alias Yann-Kaelig

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As I think we are working more on Gaia than on B2G and boot2gecko will be the base of different systems i wold refer to a gaia modification. Here on the wikipage i found a Artwork showing a modern variation of interpretation. Maybe some idea: Picture
Allthrough i love the gecko… :sweat_smile:
Regards, Novski

Hi Novski

I’m not against the idea of Gaia but the purpose of the thread as I said, is to try something different. Currently the OS is known only by a minority of users, we can try everything our imagination allows us.

Another point it seems to me not to be ignored are the current results of search engines. A test with Gaia for example show me that are used. The other idea would be to register Gaia-OS. But are people around you talking about Android or Android-OS, cyanogenMod or cyanogenMod-OS ? Obviously there is an exception like iOS, but none of people using this mobile care about the OS name, they are saying iPhone.

On my side, I’m actually testing something totally different trying some words from Buddhism. They have an interesting philosophy and lifestyle art.

When community born on etherpad there were a lot of proposal like:

-Colibrì OS, that sounds very good.

-Phoenix OS, because our project is like a Phoenix that born from the dead of Firefox OS, and it’s also a tribute to the firts name of Mozilla Firefox.

-ZOO OS or ZOOS, because who proposed that think a suite of name for all the core-app:
Butterfly - social network aggregator.

Elephant - reminders/to-do.                                                                                            

Squid - word processor.                                                                                                  

Eagle - camera                                                                                                                 

Parrot - telephony                                                                                                            

Orca - Music                                                                                                         Groundhog weather                                                                                                       Owl - ebook/PDF reader       

What do you think about?


What about “WebOS” ?

WebOS was an OS for PALM devices ( now LG WebOS , only for TV ? )

WebOS can be a perfect name, but it’s already used by LG for his Smart TV operating system.

My favorites are Gaia OS and Colibri OS, but pretty much all the ideas extracted by @Matteo1139 are good.

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I love Zoo OS! But maybe I’m bias because it was my idea :grin:

I understand the potential push back (additional effort to make the UI/UX consistent and concise), so I think my next favorite is Colibri OS.

What about OSsu ? (Don’t pronunce the “u”)

“Hi” in Japanese, informal
it’s okay to use ossu with friends… but not really with people of high status.

Here’s a very rough idea of what I was thinking for zoo icons (taken from designer here):

I think they’re reminiscent of Mozilla’s icons, but establishing a new style.

I’d like to see a different UI. I loved Danger OS on the T-Mo Sidekicks. What about something like this somewhere down the line?


The zoo is a nice idea but I think that naming is not something we should really go into right now, as this is very intentionally a project from geeks for geeks for the moment - a nice brand name is only needed for more mass-market stuff, and that I think is a nice idea for someone to build on B2G OS, but not as the main core of it, at least until it works really well for developers and highly technical people (and there’s still a long way to go there).

Concept posted by @Floriano is fantastic! It’s original, different between other OS and above all it’s very recongizable. I really love it, and ZOOS it’s a great name.

@KaiRo you’re right, the name is not a urgent issue, but i think we can already think about it. To make new ideas it is not a bad thing.



Personally I don’t like the name Zoos. It reminds me animals in Zoo.
This is the opposite of freedom.

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Zoos are a research facility, and usually used to promote conservation and re-population of many species. You’re actually thinking of a menagerie, which is keeping animals captive.

I don’t know that it’s intentionally “from geeks for geeks” so much as “geeks have gravitated towards this project.”

If you stifle creativity then… well, you just don’t want to stifle creativity! Haha.

The one topic that has been reoccurring since the beginning of this project is name and branding. However, it has never really been addressed because it keeps getting pushed under the rug.

It’s not bad to just brainstorm, and Discourse is a good place for that.

What he means is that right now we are not targeting final users at all.
So there is no emergency.

Yes, we just need to keep in mind that we should focus our efforts on making the system working first :wink:
Referencing ideas is a not bad (at all ;)), but taking a lot of time for discussions might create a kind of “noise” shifting our focus out of the priority. IMHO I would prefer people to prepare (detailed, with arguments - not just a simple name) proposals that they will use later when we will discuss about a new name for real.
For instance, the zoo idea can be debated during a long time, seducing but with big drawbacks, but I will not do it as, well, my time is limited ^^

Of course. But the way I see it, B2G Community has a few developers actively working, while we have many bystanders who want to be involved, but either do not code, or do not have developer devices.

As opposed to twiddling thumbs, it’s good to keep the mind sharp and make some B2G-related “noise.” Think of it as a “kid’s table.”

Mozilla’s next logo will be shaped by its users
I know that this step is still far away, but i think that, following the example of Mozilla, we can in the future announce a contest for the logo of our OS. It can be a original way to create attention around this project and attract artist and maker into our community.


Hello Kairo. I disagree. I think that from the beginning of any project is VERY important to choose the correct “brand name”. I say this from my experiencie as a developer: i need to create folders in my storage devices, bookmarkers in my browsers, etc… In this case, i don’t like the idea of continue to work on “mozilla/b2g” branding… specially after the recent history in the life of this OS.

Furthermore, in practical terms, there are more reasons for choose a new name -even before to be needed for mass-market media press- and this is: now if you search on Google info about “b2g os” only appears infor about the Mozilla project. With lucky, in a few months will appear info about the 2 projects… but if the new one doesn’t have his own NAME… there will be a great confusion between searchers (mainly other developers or companies, etc…).

Let me insist: we need a good and new brand NOW :wink: