Brand name proposal as a window for B2G community

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mozApp and transitioned is explained at thread.

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Some clarifications…

B2G OS is an open source project which was started in 2011.

B2G OS is the project name
Firefox OS is the product name (and a registered trademark of the Mozilla Corporation)

B2G/B2G OS has never been renamed to Firefox OS
Firefox OS has never been renamed to B2G OS

The B2G OS open source project is continuing, Mozilla is still working on smart TV products with partners under the Firefox OS brand and exploring other product opportunities through a Product Innovation Process, including Project Tablet.

No Mozilla employees now work full time on the smartphone-specific parts of B2G (e.g. smartphone apps, telephony stack), but there are currently still Mozilla employees working on Smart TVs and Project Tablet. If B2G OS for smartphones is to continue then we’ll need to find new owners in the volunteer community for modules which Mozilla employees can no longer maintain.

B2G OS is still a Mozilla project, unless the governance council decides otherwise (they currently have a time limited 6 month period to make decisions). The Mozilla governance system (the module ownership system) still applies. The Mozilla community consists both of paid employees and volunteers. Like any open source project anyone can fork it if they feel it necessary (like Acadine did).

This isn’t to say that we couldn’t rename the project if there’s a good reason to do that, but I see no reason to do that just to distance the project from Mozilla. As others have pointed out, there are probably more important things to focus on right now.

Hope that helps


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I love the ZOO OS / ZOOS / ZoOS concept, but I recommend some names for the apps. [Item marked (M) are derived from recent and old Mozilla products.]
Browser = Firefox (M)
Calendar = Sunbird (M)
Clock = Dayroost
Contacts = Icebear
Email = Thunderbird (M)
Gallery = Viewfish
Message = Textdeer
Music = Hummingbird
Phone = N/A
Settings = N/A
Videos = (Something related with Popcorn.js?)

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This topic start to be completely messy :sweat_smile:

That’s something to solve indeed - but no need to push everything on MDN: it’s not clear, messy, and not made for that.

That’s the contrary. After the soon-to-be-done merge of the transition branch, all the devices will use the same core.
For the phone you just have an extra layer for the systems apps, the phone part like calls, that we maintain - but it’s an addition to the rest.

The idea was more to give a “commercial name” to the OS, like Firefox OS, used to talk about B2G.
But again, there is no hurry.

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actually, we don’t even have basic apps except the dialer. When we can provide atleast basic features, we can think about this proposal