Branding for B2G OS

(Jovan Gerodetti) #1

I need a proper icon for the B2G installer. So I was thinking about what we could use and came to the conclusion that it should be consistent with the OS.
Unfotunately we don’t have any logo / branding for B2G right now.

Maybe we want to decide on a logo, even if it’s just temporarly.
Options I see are, we use the image used in the wiki on the transition project page or people come up with new suggestions. I think we shouldn’t waste too much time on this and quickly choose something that looks good.

(Lapineige) #2

Let’s keep it simple right now :+1:

Well, something related to phone, injecting something into the phone or so, will not need a big adaptation to be consistent.

I agree (but without the text, it has to fit in a circle right ?)

(Jovan Gerodetti) #3

well I was thinking the OS logo + something that implies installation / flashing

yes, and for the boot screen for example, the image and the text below. Or like in the wiki, on the right.

EDIT: @Valentin can you help us to find out if we can use this image?

(Valentin) #4

I suggest this one:
and I’m asking for both license statuses.

(Ben Francis) #5

FWIW, we do have branding, this is the logo/icon we’ve been using for B2G since 2011.

The boot is fun too, but was never an official logo.

If you want something quick I suggest using the existing icon but if a visual designer wants to propose a new one that could be fun :slight_smile:


I remember seeing a logo with a rocket (like on the add-on, you can see it on this page : But I can’t find it.
Perhaps it was the B2Gdroid logo…
Perhaps @Lissyx knows you design it.
This rocket was for the installer. I think it’s a good idea to use it.

(Jovan Gerodetti) #7

the rocket was used for the foxfooding program.
I think the gecko fits more with the name.


I totally agree with the gecko logo for B2G OS.
For the rocket, I was proposing it for the installer. I think the installer can have a different logo. It can be a gecko in a rocket.

(Lapineige) #9

I’d stick to existing logos too, we’ll change later if needed.

The boot logo is nice, it can be a good idea to use it.

(Luca) #10

What about the Boot (with geckos, the same we are using now on Telegram) kicking a smartphone?

(Edgar Angel) #11

Haha, like this?

(Jovan Gerodetti) #12

for now I’d like to stick with the gecko + globe :wink: but interesting idea.

(Luca) #13

Exactly :joy: :heart_eyes:

(alex_mayorga) #14


Yup! Another vote for the gecko hugging the world à la Firefox.