Bring it back: FDock

(Epsk) #1

From what I understand this plugin called “FDock” had the ability to combine tabs and bookmarks functioning as a dock much like the windows 10 taskbar launchers. It’s no longer supported.

Something like this would excellent in 2019. Perhaps it exists but my searches turn no results. Since I have no experience developing extensions I bring myself here to seek advice from the community.

Here’s a rundown of exactly what I have in mind:

Open Firefox and have all (or selected would be better) bookmarks open as unloaded tabs in the tab bar. Once a tab is selected, the page opens and an indicator is shown, thus functioning as a launcher. An added gem would be if the tabs were all pinned to look more like icons, that include drop down lists that combine tabs from the same site. So, If i have 10 duckduckgo tabs open, they would all combine to one tab with a dropdown menu that lists all the combined tabs. No sidebar involved.

Even just the last bit about combining/grouping tabs with a dropdown would be nice. Again no sidebar, the list drops directly from the tab itself. Maybe I’m missing something but all the tab grouping extensions involve the ugly space-consuming sidebar.

So, seems Ive made 2 requests. To have them combined in one extension would send me over the moon.

Maybe this request goes beyond the scope of extension development, or it is easy and I could do it myself. Either way, thanks in advance to anyone who would like to chime in.