Broadcasting URLs with B2G devices?

I’m lack of knowledge about bluetooth in B2G so I’ll just post the idea here: It would be great to have an app on B2G to broadcast URLs using Eddystone format, as we have so many devices which not in use right now :sweat_smile:. In this way volunteers who got a Flame (or even Keon maybe?) can setup experiments without buying anything or having a laptop running only for broadcasting URLs.

Is it possible for B2G 2.6 with Flame? Does anyone want to create an app for that?

Unfortunately the bluetooth API that we currently have in B2G 2.6 does not allow us to use it as a transmitter, but several months ago there was an intent to bring it as client (as magnet does):

Perhaps @benfrancis and @atilag could tell us more.

Part of the Project Tablet proposal is a “Nearby” tab in the “Awesomescreen” which provides Magnet-like functionality to scan for nearby physical web beacons.

I had brief discussions with @tzimmermann, @atilag, @francisco and @wilsonpage last week about how we might implement physical web functionality on a tablet. We’ve been discussing a local Node-based web service on the device which talks directly to the Bluetooth stack on the back end and is called from the system chrome. This would be tricky to create but I expect it if we pulled it off it could be used for broadcasting as well as receiving.

I’m not sure the proposed Web Bluetooth API supports the broadcast use case?

As far as I know broadcasting isn’t possible with Firefox OS 2.5.

Yeah, the lack of presence of a Bluetooth LE API (which is a part of Bluetooth 4.0 specs) on B2G 2.6 is not then only problem. For doing the advertisement (broadcasting) the BT chipset needs to meet some requirements as well, and I’m afraid neither Flame nor Keon comply with them. This is a widespread problem in Android world as well, it’s quite difficult to find a device which supports the Peripheral mode (for advertising), because not all Android 4.0 enabled devices supports them, fortunately this is something that is changing with almost all newer phones, so in the mid-term shouldn’t be a problem anymore.