BuddyUp Pilot Program

Interested in learning about testing an app in Firefox OS? There are still opportunities to contribute to the BuddyUp Pilot Program. This wiki page has information about how to get started testing. You don’t need a device to help out, but if you have either a Flame device or a Firefox OS devices that has shipped, you can easily participate.


Hi Marcia,

I have a flame, so I wouldn’t mind helping out. I just need to be caught up with speed on what I’m doing (smile)


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Hey @marcia
Seems it is a interesting Program! I have a Flame device and I would love to involve myself!

Looking forward to this program!

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I encourage everyone interested to join the Telegram Group (QA BuddyUp) or hang out in the mozilla.org irc channel #buddyup. Ioana and I can help add individuals to the Telegram group.

As a first step, try installing the BuddyUp app on your Flame, creating an account, and then posting some questions and answers as a test.

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