Bug Triage Workshop in Bangladesh Community

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Hello Mozillians
I am a QA Contributor and have been contributing from last few years in QA. In last couple of months, I have been actively contributing in QA to grow an local community of QA who will contribute to make QA things more faster in a reliable way!

As an local community, We have been joining most of the Test day from last 6 months and have been doing pretty well. Beside this, I have helped local contributors to do Bug Verification , which they are pretty awesomely doing now!

But Contribution in Bug Triage by our community contributors are not so good till now. So, for helping them to learn more and train them more in Bug Triage, I am planning for an “Workshop on Bug Triage” where contributors will learn about Bug Triage and how to do bug Triage along with the process of QA!

We will be following up with the participants with Facebook event page - https://www.facebook.com/events/727260897386271/

There will be our 10+ core contributors in the workshop as well as many new enthusiast people who are willing to learn Bug Triage and contribute in QA with Bug Triage!

After the workshop, we will talk about Bug Triage tool and how to use it so that, If they want to do bug triage, they can start from their mailbox!

Hoping for your best wishes! If this stay good, we will be doing this workshop every week!

Lets make Firefox Better, Together!

Mozilla QA Bangladesh Community Responsible

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I think we can dupe this to QA section too…