Build failed porting B2G to moto g3

Hi Team,

I just ran into the below erros while porting b2g to mototg3. Could you please take a look and advise.

py27) arun@devilbox ~/Documents/B2gproject/B2G $ ./ motog3

... A new repo command ( 1.23) is available.
... You should upgrade soon:

    cp /home/arun/Documents/B2gproject/B2G/.repo/repo/repo /home/arun/Documents/B2gproject/B2G/repo

Get file:///home/arun/Documents/B2gproject/b2g-manifest
remote: Counting objects: 1945, done.        
remote: Compressing objects: 100% (771/771), done.        
remote: Total 1945 (delta 1149), reused 1934 (delta 1144)        
Receiving objects: 100% (1945/1945), 479.20 KiB | 10.42 MiB/s, done.
Resolving deltas: 100% (1149/1149), done.
From file:///home/arun/Documents/B2gproject/b2g-manifest
 * [new branch]      master                      -> origin/master
 * [new tag]         B2G_1_0_1_20130213094222    -> B2G_1_0_1_20130213094222
 * [new tag]         B2G_1_1_0_hd_20130530182315 -> B2G_1_1_0_hd_20130530182315
 * [new tag]         B2G_1_1_0_hd_20130530182315_BASE -> B2G_1_1_0_hd_20130530182315_BASE
 * [new tag]         closing-nightly             -> closing-nightly

Your identity is: arunkumar413 <>
If you want to change this, please re-run 'repo init' with --config-name

repo has been initialized in /home/arun/Documents/B2gproject/B2G

... A new repo command ( 1.23) is available.
... You should upgrade soon:

    cp /home/arun/Documents/B2gproject/B2G/.repo/repo/repo /home/arun/Documents/B2gproject/B2G/repo

Fetching project LineageOS/android_device_motorola_osprey
Fetching projects: 100% (1/1), done.  

Run |./| to start building
(py27) arun@devilbox ~/Documents/B2gproject/B2G $ ./ line 17: build/ No such file or directory

> Build failed! <

Build with |./ -j1| for better messages
If all else fails, use |rm -rf objdir-gecko| to clobber gecko and |rm -rf out| to clobber everything else.
(py27) arun@devilbox ~/Documents/B2gproject/B2G $



your code loss some file