Building B2G OS for Aries Z3C


Hi everyone.

I’m new in this community. i might be late but since a few days, i’m trying to follow the procedure on for Aries Z3C.
Anybody completed the build for Z3C aries ? if yes, where can i find it ? how can i flash it on my Z3C ?

(Lissyx) #2

As reported in you should rely on the B2G Installer addon for this, it contains a (quite old now but good enough) build if you want to start hacking.

Building and flashing should work flawlessly as documented. If you have a precise problem, just ask :slight_smile:


thank you for answering :).

(Paul Sebastian Aguilar Enriquez) #4

Well, firts builds are comming, Marc compiled yesterday, I compiled today, I hope that @dionysos01 will compile soon.

(Lissyx) #5

It’s very nice of you but we already have Z3c builds. If you can provide builds for other devices and maintain them it would be very very valuable. Also, could you produce blobfree build and make PR againts the b2g-installer-builds github repo to centralize and ease the installation of those ?

This would also make you safe of any legal liablity :slight_smile:

(Thatoo) #6

Nexus 5? :slight_smile:

(Paul Sebastian Aguilar Enriquez) #7

Ok :slight_smile: I just have a Hamachi, Inari, Keon and Fire C, so I’ll try to make some roms for those devices, If I need some help with the B2G-addon may I ask to you?

(Lissyx) #8

Why not, Nexus 5 would be a good candidate and we don’t have this device scheduled on TaskCluster. Someone able to build and test a bit before releasing them would provide valuable contributions :slight_smile:

(Lissyx) #9

Sure, but those are old ICS devices, I don’t think there is any value in hacking them: gfx part of gecko b2g for ics has been a burden to support from the gfx team, they are going to kill it as soon as they can :slight_smile:

(Lissyx) #10

FYI I have produced a new blobfree build:

It is available within the addon. Gecko is a debug one so it is slow, but you should get WiFi (configure via wpa_supplicant.conf, settings is broken) and data connectivity working. Browsing the web should also start to work.

(Lissyx) #11

(Lissyx) #12

@albertopq fixed settings, I am updating the v2 blobfree zip file to include this :slight_smile:

(Pochy) #13

Anyone here is doing blobfree build for FLAME?

BTW, for create this type of build if needed that the device is connected?

(Valentin) #14

Look this way:

(Lissyx) #15

After a couple of weeks of breakages, I have been able to fix building of z3c on taskcluster:

(Will) #17

Mozilla stopped all work on FirefoxOS and B2GOS over two years ago and the Marketplace was closed earlier this year. There is no more support from Mozilla for this project.

I don’t know exactly why they stopped but the official explanation is here:!topic/
And a good explanation of the whole story of FirefoxOS is here: