Building B2G OS for Flame on transition (kanikani) branch

(Sai Karthik) #21

Does this mean code for TV also turned to chrome:// ? Gaia will be based on pure web standards ?

(Philippe) #22

I flashed my flame this week end and I can confirm that these features works:

  • Shutdown / Restart menu
  • Lock screen
  • Keyboard works
  • Can create new browser windows

The utility tray is broken on my phone so I can’t test the rest. I will wait the merge of the transition branch into master, to flash my phone again and test the complete list given.

(Philippe) #23

@kskarthik This is what was planned for a while. The B2GOS goals in the wiki describe that.

Extract of the wiki:

  1. Modernise the B2G platform (replace legacy mozApps-only APIs with new web standards)
  2. Create a leaner platform on which to build Smart TV and other connected devices products (reduced complexity and maintenance cost)

I remember that someone has done a beautiful graph that represents the branching program but I don’t find it anymore…