Building B2G OS for Flame


I understand that it’s possible to build B2G OS for Aries:

Does anyone know if it’s currently possible to build the transition branches of B2G OS for the Flame?

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I think someone said on the telegram group that he did it. Not sure.

If they is no wiki page for flame and transition branch compiling, it could be great that someone who did it post here what’s the difference with build for aries - and what’s (not) working.
This would help people to test and build themselves.

Are there any updates on this topic?

@gsvelto said he has had some success with the Flame recently. Perhaps he can comment further.

I’ve successfully flashed the transition branches on my Flame last week; using the instructions provided on the Wiki should do the trick, just make sure that you use the flame-kk target when running the script and your Flame has been pre-flashed using the V5 base image available here:



Great ! :grinning: can you share the screenshots here, please :slightly_smiling:

@gsvelto or somebody had lucky with create a blobfree build for flame?

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If yes, please add it to B2G Installer add-on, to help people installing B2G on flame easily :wink:
(see the dedicated topic:

Hi everybody, I’m gonna try and make a blobfree build available for the Flame this weekend


Great news :slightly_smiling:

/me stares at Gabriele
How was your weekend ? :innocent:

My weekend was spent feeling the effects of an antibiotics treatment, I’ll do better this week :wink:

I hope so you feel better…!

I try to do this for myself and I need to ask a question:
@gsvelto, @lissyx for create this type of build(blobfree) if needed that the device is connected?.
Sorry if this is a stupid question but I`m confused with that.

Again, this is documented. You need to be able to do a full build. So you need the blobs. Device must be connected the first time, can be disconnected once you have backup-flame/ properly populated.

I don’t think you need the device to be connected, just the appropriate backup directory. Anyway I was running a blobfree build for the Flame but I’ve noticed that it’s already listed in the add-on list:

Is anything else needed?

OK, Thanks.

Ya, but I think there is not for the transition branch, right?
Maybe in the future when the kanikani branch merge into the master is not needed but for the moment maybe is needed for testing somethings like calls and messages.

this are master builds, can we add a pine build to the addon?
Like this

ok now I see these builds are really old :confused: is there a reason why there are no new pine builds?

I check the version v2 and it is in the same state. Do not updated from 2015-10-11 12:20:44.
But I thinks is related with the comments C2 and C4 of the Bug 1264065.
In summary from c2 @wcosta and c4 @lissyx

c2 Flame-kk builds were removed from Taskcluster in Bug 1255644

c4 Flame KK never completed the transition to TaskCluster