Building B2G OS for Flame

(Jovan Gerodetti) #21

yes, this was explained in the build and port meeting. But there are some suggestions to start building for flame on buildbot I think.

(Jovan Gerodetti) #22

@gsvelto I’m trying to create a build for flame-kk but somehow I’m unable to pull /system/b2g/distribution/ from the device.

EDIT: so it seems that the directory is empty. what can I do about this?

(Pochy) #23

I do not have much time for the meetings but later in the night, I have read the notes and try to help in some things, I have skills like devops and automatization tools, maybe I can help with buildbot or other system that we use for create the builds.

@TitanNano if you finish this task, please share the build because I do not have resources in home like connection for do this.

If anyone can share one build of the transition for flame(maybe @gsvelto?), would be awesome, is for testing in one flame that I have with problem in the touchscreen but at least I can see booting one more time :grin:

(Jovan Gerodetti) #24

Blobfree Flame-KK build from 2016-05-07