Building CM-11 for Flame

(Jovan Gerodetti) #41

Good news, I got a working dt.img and a broken recovery.img.

I fixed the dt.img issue by patching the AOSP build/core/Makefile with the Makefile from B2G.

Right now I get this error when looking into logcat:

- exec '/system/bin/sh' failed: No such file or directory (2) -

EDIT: it seems that the build doesn’t have any system/bin/ dir at all

(Borisbudini) #42

Any update on this?

(Jovan Gerodetti) #43

No, I have very little time and since I don’t know the cause of this, I’m having a hard time to figure out a solution.

(Jovan Gerodetti) #44


on init
    export PATH /sbin:/system/bin

on fs
    mount ext4 /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/system /system ro barrier=1 wait

This is required to get access to /system/bin/.

At the moment recovery is booting and doesn’t seem to throw any errors. Unfortunately the screen stays just black. I can only access the device through adb shell.

(André Fiedler) #45

I’m also very interested in this. I have a Flame laying around, would be great to have it for testing some stuff again.

(Rimas Kudelis) #46

I’m still looking forward to this as well. TN, are you documenting your effort anywhere, or maybe have a repository with all the things you’re building?

(Jovan Gerodetti) #47

Well i write down what ever I did on here. But what I can do is, to publish my modified repos. I’m quite busy at the moment but I will try to publish them on GitHub in the next weeks.

(Tapu Afrad) #48

I am waiting for the update.

(Luigi Tedone) #49

Any update about this topic?

(Jovan Gerodetti) #50

Sorry guys, I don’t have my work with me at the moment, and won’t be able to share anything before October.

(Luigi Tedone) #51

Hi Jovan, is there any update about the build? Thanks for your efforts!

(Rimas Kudelis) #52

@TitanNano, would you have any news by chance? What’s the current status of this project at least?

(Jovan Gerodetti) #53

Unfortunately not. The build project is on my stationary machine which I can’t access right now. I can’t give any estimation for when I will be able to share my work with you guys.

(André Fiedler) #54

Hey, any news about this?